Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Final Christmas wrap-up

Warning:  This post is heavy on photos.  The cuteness may be a little overwhelming, so please prepare yourself.

Once we were finished on Christmas morning at our house, we headed to my mom and dad's house.  My nieces and nephew got a Wii.  They weren't even sure whether or not to be excited!

Although Little Buddy was pretty sure he was excited about Mr. Potato Head!

Bub got a homemade belt from my niece... made out of wrapping paper.  He was so sweet and gracious about it.  He told Little Sissy that it was a little big right now, but he was sure he'd grow into it.

Sis got her gift from my sister in a Pull-Ups box, which was funny and embarrassing all at the same time.

When we headed to my aunt's and uncle's house, my grandma handed out flashing rings to everyone.  Big Sissy and Little Sissy decided it would be funny to be like Rudolph.

Oh, and did I mention the Snuggies?  The kids each got one.  Camo and peace signs... it doesn't get much better (or warmer) than that!

I really have to work on my self-portrait skills.  My nieces and me.

Where you find my mom, you usually find my niece close by.  She is a NANA'S GIRL, for sure!  My mom posed with all her gifts... her snuggie (last year's model, according to the box), her new necklace, her new HGTV book.  And Little Sissy, of course.

Christmas can be exhausting!  Just ask my brother...

My dad is telling a tall tale, I'm guessing, to Big Sissy and her mama.

Once Christmas is over, we make it our mission over the rest of Christmas break to spend as much of our gift cards as possible.  Sis had a gift card to Claire's, so she bought some non-prescription glasses.  As someone who had to wear glasses growing up, I don't really understand her fascination with them, but she does look cute in them!

Along with our shopping trip, we always make time for a hot chocolate/latte break as well.  Yes, Bub's shirt does say:  I'm pretty much one of the best people I know.  He's pretty modest, isn't he?  :)

I hope your holidays were swell and filled with memories, too!


dulce de leche said...

You have such a wonderful family! Love the pics. :)

Bree said...

Hey your missing some pics of your other sister and other Nephew!!!!