Wednesday, January 12, 2011

90 days... whatever

So, on the morning of October 6th, 2010, I looked like this:

Then, by the afternoon/evening, I looked like this:

'Cause I went and got my "hair did."  Although, I did more than get my hair fixed... I got the Brazilian Silk treatment done on my hair.  It's a blah, blah, blah (that's scientific talk right there) that straightens your hair from the roots.  Or something.

Regardless, this procedure was perfect for me.  It gave me a change (which I am constantly in the mood for) without chopping my hair off (which is what I usually do whenever I'm ready for a change), thus helping me with my goal of letting my hair grow out.  For now.  :)

So, this procedure, as compared with a straightening procedure I did a few years back, kept my hair healthy and NOT dried out, and it's supposed to last for 90 days.


It's now been 90 days plus a week or so, and let's look at me today:

This look is au natural...  no hair fixin' at all (and no face-fixin' either, for that matter).  And look... still straight.  Well, mostly...

If you look REALLY REALLY close, you can see where it's coming in curly right by my temple.  See??

It's not that I'm sorry I did the straightening treatment to my hair.  I'm not at all.  It's just that I thought that 90 days was a perfect amount of time to have a change while my hair was growing out.  Then I'd be ready for my "old" hair again.

But let's be real here... it's been 90 days and about 1 week...  maybe I'm impatient?

Maybe I should just relax a little (like my hair.  ha!), and just enjoy the straightness while I've got it.

Or maybe I should just go find "real" blogging material.

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