Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've been taking part in the Thankful in November posts daily on Facebook.  Not to be corny, but to remember why I'm so blessed.

I am thankful for everything I put on there, but here's a synopsis of what I'm thankful for (both lofty and small):

  • I'm thankful that I'm a child of God.  That He sent his Son to die for me so I could be His.

  • I'm thankful for my extended family... from my parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, siblings, in-laws, nieces/nephews, etc.  There is seriously NO ONE I'd rather be with than family.

  • I'm thankful for those friends who I consider family.  You know the ones... the ones I can have over even when my house is trashed, the ones I'd let come clean my house when I'm sick and can only watch them, the ones I can spill all my angst to... yeah, those are the ones.

  • I'm thankful for all my other friends... the ones that entertain me, challenge me, make me laugh, make me cry (in a good way)
  • I'm thankful for Don...  for lots of reasons.  He's a great daddy, he's ambitious (but not to the detriment of our family), he's funny, he's SO cute, he's disciplined, he has a heart for God's will in his/our life, he's a leader, and he loves me.

  • I'm thankful for Sis...  she's so silly, HILARIOUS, sarcastic (in a good way... see HILARIOUS), she's part-child/part-woman, she's beautiful (inside & out), she's smart, she keeps me on my toes.

  • I'm thankful for Bub...  he is never still, he's so smart, he never gives up, he's a great cuddler, he's so funny/silly, he has a heart of gold, he's smart

  • I'm thankful for coffee... 'nuff said
  • I'm thankful that Bub sings every time he's in the shower... it makes me smile every single day
  • I'm thankful that Sis has such a gift for art...  she shines in that area!

  • I'm thankful that my kids inherited Don's genes for memorizing lyrics...  they crack me up with a concert on a regular basis!

  • I'm thankful that I am able to spend more time with my family now.
  • I'm thankful that I'm able to cook more often now
  • I'm thankful for the internet/Netflix/Facebook/Twitter

  • I'm thankful for my health
  • I'm thankful for this time of year when I get to see my family more often
  • I'm thankful for my car... I love my "mom car!"

  • I'm thankful for our cute apartment.  I seriously think we have the cutest apartment in our whole town!

  • I'm thankful for traditions... tomorrow Don, the kids & I are volunteering to help put meals together for people who aren't able to get out...  Friday, I'm going shopping in the insane crowds with my sister... all because of traditions.

  • I'm thankful for our church and our church family...  what an integral part of our lives!
  • I'm thankful that I am able to sing on our Praise Team at church...  I'm glad to be able to use my voice.

  • I'm thankful for our military men and women, both past and present...  from the bottom of my heart.  <3

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families/friends/loved ones.  Remember your blessings.

*The pictures are just pictures I like... a portion of what I'm thankful for!

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