Monday, November 21, 2011

Reliving the Summer

I've been working on a photo book all evening from our summer trip to Colorado.  We chose Colorado because Don was going to do a 50-mile mountain bike race in Leadville, CO there, anyway... so we decided to make it our vacation!  So, of course, being us, we bought a pop-up camper and made it part of our adventure.  *ahem*

I thought I'd throw up some of the photos from the trip to relive it with you.

We loaded the car UP, and the camper, and the Thule cargo box on top...
Don registering for the race.  We just got in the night before, Bub had thrown up all night (altitude sickness, most likely), and we were ALL a little tired.  What a way to start a race!  Didn't seem to bother Don, though!

Don crossing the finish line...  he did AWESOME!

Right after Don finished his race.  The kids and I were so proud of him!

The kids and I doing what we do... self-portraits

My best friend from college, J, now lives in Denver, so she and her family met us in Leadville for lunch.  :)
J chasing her two youngest, twins... 

We found the cutest, most quaint theater in Breckenridge to go watch the final Harry Potter movie

Leadville has the most gorgeous views from every single angle!

Bub rock-climbing at the Y resort we stayed at in Colorado

Roller Derby Princess

Heading up the mountain for some alpine slide action!


Gorgeous sunsets!!!! (I made Don stop at the side of a highway, so I could take some pictures of the sky!)


We were only a LITTLE competitive!  ha.

Ziplining Bub

Ziplining Sis

This was the biggest deal of all to me.  I'm PETRIFIED of water, so I had to confront some major fears to get out on the water.  ALL DAY.  In Class 4 and 5 rapids!!!!  We had such a great time, though... I'm so glad I didn't let my fear stop me!

It was a wonderful vacation.  Thanks for letting me re-live it with you!

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