Friday, November 18, 2011


Part of the joy in no longer working full-time is to (hopefully) be able to travel even more.  Two weeks ago, Don had to go to Atlanta for training, so we pulled the kids out of school (yay for straight A's!) and jumped in the car with him!

During the days (and some of the evenings), Don was of course busy with training and networking, but the kids and I had a great time.

One of the days, we spent the day at The World of Coca Cola.  Even being a Pepsi family, we had a great time!  ha.

Even the lobby was filled with Coca Cola stuff!
There was so much to see!
My gorgeous children
They got to hold actual Olympic Torches from the Olympics held in Atlanta
We saw a 4-D movie (thus the lovely glasses), which the kids LOVED!
I don't remember this "girl" from any Coke ads, but she was in the movie and was walking around afterwards.  She (understandably) freaked the kids out, so I had to get a picture with her so she'd leave the kids alone!
Then that night, we went to dinner with Don and his business cohorts.  It was vendor night (not sure they called it that... that's just what it was... vendors EVERYWHERE), and Bub became quite the hit!  He had vendors chasing him down to give him stuff from their booths.  The boy came back to the room LOADED down with stuff (Sis and I gave up WAY before he and Don did and had already headed back to the room).  We had fun beforehand, though, with a silly photo shoot outside our hotel room.

Finally, we visited the Georgia Aquarium another day.  While that wasn't as fun as the World of Coca Cola (AND it was more expensive!), it was also enjoyable.

This is the weirdest looking fish I've ever seen!  Doesn't it look like a Pixar fish?

SHARK!  (maybe, I'm not sure...)

My posers

It's like a screen saver


It's not a real trip to a museum until you throw up a few gang signs!
Most of all, our trip was fun because we all got to be together.  Don and I worked out in the hotel gym together, we got to all be silly together, the kids and I got to have adventures together, but most of all, we got to be together.  :)


dulce de leche said...

You are such a beautiful family! I love getting to see your travels. :)

Darla said...

Thanks, Ria! We enjoy the travels, for sure!