Monday, December 6, 2010

Thankful - Part 2

In list form:

1. Seat warmers in my car. I've never had them before, but I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to live without them again.

2. HummDinger Diet Pepsis from Hit n Run. For those of you not familiar with these delights, we have a local chain of drive-thru convenience stores called Hit n Run. They have the BEST fountain Pepsis (& diet) around. The HummDinger is their 32 oz drink. It's the best $0.99 deal around.

3. Tonight is my last class for this session. I don't teach again until March. This session has been CHALLENGING and I'm glad for the small break.

4. Wrestling season has begun again. For a sport I still don't understand very well, I've come to enjoy watching Bub beat the snot outta other boys (or vice versa). Weird, eh? I also enjoy my "wrestling friends" that I only see regularly this time of year.

5. I get to go to a book club tonight. This is the perfect type of gathering to me. It meets my need for socialization and my need for soaking up books. They've already met, but I've not gotten to go yet due to my class schedule. But did I mention that tonight's the last class? And they're just taking an exam (no lecture afterwards)? Rock and roll!

6. I'm thankful for my hubby who is taking the kids to watch Monday Night Football so I can go to Book Club. And that he now uses the less than three sign to text me that he loves me. (<3 for those of you unfamiliar with this texting lingo). And that he works so hard for our family.

7. I'm thankful (I think) that my self-imposed Facebook sabbatical is almost over. I took some time off because I felt like it was consuming too much time. Then I stayed off because teaching this class on top of everything else I had going on took all my spare time. So I'll soon be back. Or maybe a moderated version of the old Facebook me. Like a me that doesn't spend QUITE so much time on there. Did you get thankful from all that?

Today, these are the things I'm thankful for. What about you?

- Darla

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Blessed Mama said...

I'm thankful that we get to spend a lot more time together SOON. And thanks for making me want a Hummdinger. right. now.