Monday, December 20, 2010

Did they not realize how close to Thanksgiving it was?

A few weeks ago, we were sitting in the great room on a Sunday afternoon when we noticed some visitors right outside our side door.

Four turkey (turkeys?  no, turkey.  RIGHT?) were right outside our door.  And stayed, even while we called the kids in.  And got my camera.  And got as close as I thought I could without them hearing me talk quietly through the doors.

Look how close I was able to get.  Isn't that amazing?

Then they got bored of us all staring at each other, and took off down the stairs.

They were hanging out right off the driveway, but kept looking back at us as if to say:  aren't y'all coming (well, assuming they're a little southern)?

So, Sis decided to follow.

They actually let her lead them all around the yard.

Once Sis got finished with all the fun, she came back inside and Don was lying on our bed watching TV when he heard a knock on our back door.  Yup, the turkeys were back and were apparently feeling neglected.  No photos of them on the back, but it was a crazy, amazing day with the turkeys!


Blessed Mama said...

How funny! Is the plural of turkey really turkey???

Darla said...

I honestly don't know. "Turkeys" didn't sound right... but "Turkey" really doesn't either. Now I'm gonna have to look it up...