Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mysterious Mysterio

So, hehe.  Remember a few months ago, when it was October?  Do ya?  And it was, um, Halloween?  Yeah, I barely do, too.

But funny thing... I was just downloading photos from my camera today to get it ready for the kids' Christmas program tonight, and guess what I found?


Well, of Bub anyway.  Did I mention that Sis decided she was too old to dress up this year?  Oh, the sadness!  (From me, not from her!)  Although, when she heard me tell someone else she was finished dressing up, she informed me that she just wasn't dressing up for THIS year... and it wasn't so much that she was too old as she didn't like what I was going to have her dress up as.  Ah well.

But my GOOD child (just kidding...) (REALLY!) did want to dress up.  As a character I'm not familiar with.  And he LOVES!

His name is Rey Mysterio, and he's a wrestler with the WWE.  THIS is what he look like.

This is EXACTLY how I hoped my son would dress for Halloween... as a masked, shirtless dude with tattoos all over him.

So, guess what he dressed up instead?

Haha!  I TRICKED you!  He really did dress up as Rey Mysterio.

Except his mean mom wouldn't let him go in the cold temperature with no shirt on (say, WHAT?).

So, Don, Sis and I created Bub's costume... on Halloween Day.  Bub wanted to wear green pants (which I guess Mr. Mysterio sometimes wears), so the only pair I could find were in the Women's department at the Walmarts.  So I bought those, and pinned them up in the waist.  Then I did the fancy lettering down both legs of the pants, just as Bub requested.

We bought a long-sleeved white t-shirt that we drew "tattoos" all over to try to replicate Mr. M's tattoos. And then Bub wore his mask that he got at the State Fair a few years ago (yes, he's loved Mr. M that long!).

Here are the finished results.  Please don't be frightened of his intimidating tattoos.  He really IS a softy on the inside.

Happy Halloween, y'all!  And a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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