Sunday, September 26, 2010

World's Fair 2010

So, I've mentioned before the World's Fair of our little town.  It's not ACTUALLY the World's Fair (obviously), but it's become the carnival's unofficial name...

It's always a great time, though, to see people (ALL KINDS of people... sometimes I wonder where all these people come from... I don't run into all of them at our grocery store... or at the parent/teacher meetings at school... but I digress),

to ride rides (but only on the cheap day, Labor Day Monday... except for when a nice teenager gives Bub some tickets, THEN the kids get to ride ONE ride beforehand), and to EAT!  That's why I go... to eat.  But I did stay away from the fried Oreos... this year, anyway!

The kids were pumped for the rides this year!

Bub decided to ride the Storm... it's part of his year of conquering his fears (let's not talk about the scary water slide he rode earlier in the summer... GAH)!

Here he is right beforehand...  I couldn't even take any pictures during the ride, because just watching him go round and round made me sick!
I was a little afraid his reaction afterward would be the same as the water slide...  no such worries!!

Then on to Pharoah's Fury...  WOW, they got high in the sky!
Then the Himalaya (don't think I remembered all these names by myself... I had to ask the kids)
And finally, Bub wanted to play the hammer game to see how hard he could hit the hammer and make the bell ring.  What I liked about the ride is that all kids won a prize (but just so you know... Bub DID hit the bell!).
All in all, a great day.  Great weather, great family time, great rides, and oh yeah, GREAT FOOD!

Last year's World's Fair:  here


granny2five said...

ALWAYS enjoy your posts and pics. Thanks for sharing.

Blessed Mama said...

They look so cute. Madison looks so much like Tye with her blonde hair covered with a hat!!! (who is GORGEOUS, by the way) Love those fun kids!