Sunday, September 19, 2010

He blames it on a cookie and fruit punch

So, last week, Don and I got ticket to the Cardinals game, so we took the kids with us.

On a school night.

Cause we're crazy rebels like that.  :)

Bub was so excited all week, which I'm sure had NOTHING to do with the fact that his best friend also got to go to the Cards game last week, too (those boys love their sports!).

At one point, Bub got chilly and tucked his arms into his sleeves to keep warm.  Then he decided he was like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He kept saying, "I have a big head, with itty bitty arms."  Which is apparently from a movie.  Then he would laugh hysterically every. single. time.

Then he started dancing and playing baseball with his "big head and itty bitty arms."

While that cracked me up, this one makes me laugh even more.  He was having so fun and being so silly... until he saw something on the Jumbotron.  He got so serious, so quickly.

I was teasing him about being so silly, and he said it was J from school's fault... 


He said it was her birthday, and he had a cookies AND fruit punch... and THAT'S what made him so hyper!

Bring on more cookies!

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