Friday, September 11, 2009

The World's Fair of 2009

So, in our relatively small town, we have a carnival come to town the weekend of Labor Day EVERY year!!! Those of us from this small town wouldn't miss it for ANYTHING! Thus, it's become known in town as our World's Fair. You know... because the WORLD revolves around us in our small town! :)

Here are the kids on the ONE ride that they agreed to ride together... and Sis is already angling to hang out with her friends instead of us next year. Ugh!!! They are growing up too fast! Oh, and have you noticed Sis's side bangs? Because she would really, really like for everyone to notice them. Although they're easier to see with the back in a ponytail... RIGHT? (You need to agree louder... she can't hear you!!!)

This made me dizzy just watching them ride... but they had a ball! (And I got a new shot for the header of my blog)

Going through the maze of mirrors.

They love posing, can't you tell?

Bub and his friend, N, loving the Avalanche...

...with their "gang signs" while they're up in the air!

Bub and his friend, H, having a great time!

Sliding down from the House of Fun

And as always, ending the day with some yummy homemade ice cream...

The post from last year's World's Fair is here.

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