Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School Projects

My kids bring home a TON of papers each week. I usually flip through them, then put them in "a special file." You know... Oh, don't make me spell it out!!!

Every once in a while, though, they bring things home that make me stop and take notice. Here's a paper Sis had to write the other day. The instructions say: If you could have any job when you grow up what would it be? Tell why and how well you think that you would do that job. How much money do you think that you will earn? (4-8 complete sentences)

In case you can't read it, she wrote: I would like to be a fashion desiner. I would be really good and probibly make 5 to 50 dollars a day. I'd be really good 'cause I know all the latest trends. These are some reasons I'd be a good fashon desiner.

Good news for me: I guess she'll never be able to afford moving out! :)

Then there's Bub... The first day of school, he filled out a form about himself and drew a picture of himself. See?

Did you notice his long yellow hair? And the dancing banana on his t-shirt?

Some of his answers: son of Don and Darla
Lover of God and family (awwwwwww)
Who feels nervous and pooped (what??????????)
Who needs shelter and food
Who gives Happiness and fairness

Here's hoping you're not feeling nervous and pooped!


granny2five said...

Too cute. Don't think either of your children have a lack of self-confidence.

Blessed Mama said...

I hope H is not nervous about school! I felt nervous and pooped this week, but I'm better now. :)Kids have no concept of money, do they? So cute. Oh, and I have one of those files too. I made the mistake of buying clear bags for that file recently. I'll never do that again. Sorry for babbling on your post. I should probably just call...