Friday, September 4, 2009

Accessories 101 - State Fair Edition

So, as you may or may NOT remember, last year was the first year since I was a kid that I went to the State Fair. And boy, did I learn a lot!!!! (You can see my lessons learned last year here)

Well, this year was my niece's last year to show cows as a high school student (she has moved on to the big college world!). So, as we're sitting in the jr. livestock barn, I started noticing the style. Because there is DEFINITELY a style going on at the barn. Maybe not MY style, but a style nonetheless.

Before I start with a list of Accessory DO's for you, let me start with one VERY IMPORTANT DON'T: The crack.

I didn't post a picture of the true crack I saw (I didn't want to offend), but it was seen. It doesn't matter how cute your belt (or even tattoo) is, if there's crack to be seen, it's a definite FASHION DON'T!!! As Sis loves to say: Crack kills!

So, on to the important accessories to have at the State Fair:

Accessory #1: A cow. Or some other kind of livestock-ish kind of animal. Otherwise, you just look like a wanna-be. Or a parent. Or an out-of-place aunt who doesn't really even understand what's going on. Ahem.

Accessory #2: PLENTY (and I do mean PLENTY) of "hair product" for your animal (see #1). Please note that the cow is having a GREAT hair day in the picture below. WAYYY better than its owner's aunt. It's all due to the hair product. Or whatever it's called.

Accessory #3: A sparkly hair doo-dad. My niece is sporting a sparkly little barrette in her hair. A barrette isn't necessary, but any kind of sparkle in the hair will work. A clip could work just as well.

Accessory #4: A big stick. I'm not sure what this is for... but all the cool kids seem to carry them. It looks like their tickling the cows' bellies with them... but I'm SURE that's not what they're doing with them... right??? Anyway, WHATEVER the reason for them, they're really important to the total style of one's look.

Accessory #5: The bling belt. Ah... I have so much I could say about the bling belt (we'll call it BB for short). I LOVE the BB.... almost enough to decide to be a cute country girl myself. Except I'm kinda too old scared of big animals. But I looooove the belts. How cute is this one on my niece? And how much must she love me to stand still so I could get a good shot of her BB?

Accessory #6: The boots. Also, something I love... theoretically. Although the boots I would pick out would be a little less functional and a little more impractical. But these boots are the real deal. They might even have some manure on them... or dirt.

Then I stepped outside of the show arena to get some more critical accessory elements of the state fair. Continuing on...
Accessory #7: Shades. It's usually SUNNY at the State Fair. So, a girl's gotta do what she can to combat the brightness, while keeping her cool on.

Accessory #8: While this one isn't NECESSARY, it's a nice addition to other accessories. It's FRECKLES.

I hope I've helped you with all your fashion accessory dilemmas for next year's state fair. If you have any questions, just call!

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gillyhappy1 said...

The freckles are my favorite!!