Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love is in the air!

No, not them!  They're just friends!  And too young!  :)

It was this beautiful couple, E & W.  E has babysat Sis & Bub, especially in the summers, for years now.  And we love her!  Wanna know how much??  Any time a bride/groom has asked Bub to be in their wedding in the last few years, he's stood there politely while they asked, then politely said, "No thank you."  Seriously. He's had NO desire to be in a wedding.
But when E asked???  There WAS no question, really.  Of COURSE he would be in E's wedding!!!  And Sis when she was asked to hand out the programs and bubbles?  Well, she's NEVER turned down an opportunity to get dolled up!

Once the ceremony was over, I took the opportunity (opportunities?) to take photos of all of us, since it's not very often that we're all dressed up at the same time.  If you are someone who gets a Christmas card from me regularly, you may just have one or two of these on your card this year...

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Jessica Stiverson said...

I never saw this! Brings back happy memories of warmth! Ha great pictures though!