Thursday, June 17, 2010

Date Camp Week Update

So, Date Week (oops!) Camp Week seems to be going well.
Luckily, I know the kids' counselors well, so I feel comfortable
AND I know they're cell phone numbers, so I can stalk them with texts.

This is the text photo I got 2 nights ago that said
"It's Quiet Time"

At least her gag is purple

Then last night, I got a text from her counselor asking if she could confiscate Sis's book
Because it was making her anti-social.
I think it's funny to take away books, but I wholeheartedly agreed.
She sent proof.
Do you like the way I've been blurring the other kids' faces?
It makes me feel like I should work for 20/20 or something.

The kids come home tomorrow.
I've had a great time focusing on my marriage this week.
But now I'm ready to have some concentrated family time.

We leave for vacation as soon as the kids get back in town.
Like, we put their dirty clothes in the trunk and leave.
Woo hoo!

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