Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp 2010

It's that time of year again... church camp time
For the kids, that is.
Not Don and me.
We're not the "hang out with hundreds and hundreds of children" type
We are more the "hang out with our two kids" type
The kids left on Monday morning.  *sniffle sniffle*
They'll be home Friday afternoon.
That's a long time to be gone, isn't it?
But they'll have a great time.
The kids have certain colored teams they are on.
Bub is on Team Red.
So guess what we did before he left?

It's a little tough to get the full effect here
because it's still wet from his "dye job."

And then there's Sis.
She's on Team Purple.
She and I decided to try her color on our own
(rather than have it professionally done).
I feel like this might be my calling...
I even begged Don to let me dye his hair.
He said no.

Isn't it cute?
We did one streak,
and then all the tips.

The nice thing about the kids being gone so long
is that the counselors are nice enough to text me
to keep me up-to-date on how the kids are.
Last night I got these two pics that said,
"Hi, Mom!"

A shake and pizza.
All seems right with the world.

Check out my post from last year (here)
I can't believe how much older the kids look this year!
I miss mah baybies!

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dulce de leche said...

LOVE the pics! Your kids are so precious. I hope they have a wonderful time!