Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quick Update - Day 2

Well, I ran home for lunch, so while the coast is clear (ie. the kids are at the babysitter's), I thought I'd update how the "unplugged" week is going...

All I can say is that God has a great sense of humor! He made us COMPLETELY unplugged last night! I went to the "big city" to have dinner with my mom and sisters for my mom's birthday (happy birthday, mom!!!), and our power went out at home. I fed the kids before I left, but Don had worked outside all day and hadn't eaten. So, while he headed to his dad's to get some food & a shower, he noticed a tree on our lane was down on a power line. So, he & the kids decided that we should spend the night at his dad's. His dad just had his knee replaced a week and a half ago, and is getting around REMARKABLY well, but still spends most of his time sitting in front of the TV while his knee recovers. So, the kids cheated a LITTLE! Don says they just watched about 10 minutes of a show with the men on the Discovery Channel. I guess I can't say much, though... at least they were in air conditioning!!! (By the way, our power came back on sometime in the middle of the night!)

The one thing I have noticed is that they are sleeping GREAT at night! Maybe actually physically playing wears them out! You think??? hee.

The one funny thing is that Bub has gotten a bloody nose the last two afternoons (it's genetic... his dad randomly gets them as well). I told him that maybe NOT watching TV makes his nose bleed!

It should be easier to stay unplugged today. It's not so hot that they kids can't go out to play at the babysitter's (our wonderful cousin!) today, then tonight is a church night, but our Young Families class is meeting the next two Wednesday nights at the park with our families.

Until next update...

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Granny2Five said...

I'm glad that your "unplugged" time is going so well. I mentioned it to younger grandson today, and he thought that would be totally WEIRD! You know - like pioneer days!