Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Isn't it Ironic?

Yesterday was the first day of our week of being "unplugged." We're going the whole week without TV, video games, and computers (thus the irony, since I'm blogging about it). Why are we doing this??? This is the question on the kids' minds at all times! As most of you know, we've spent the last several summers without most of today's "necessities," such as a tv, and have done great. This summer we've been at home, though, and have had access to all our fave electronics. When I realized that Bub's conversations mostly revolved around who he "unlocked" on a video game or what iCarly was up to, I realized we needed a drastic break from it all.

Day 1:
The kids have VBS all week at church from 9:30 to noon. That helps... Today went really good! On Mondays, the kids have a teenage babysitter at the house, so they can have a lazy day at home. After VBS, they colored, read, and played with some of their toys.

Once I got home, Sis had a note from a school friend left on the porch that asked her to call him. She did, and he invited her over to play. I asked her if she could resist the electronics, and she admitted it would be "difficult," since he has a PlayStation... she cracks me up! I told her if she cheated, then the previous HOURS of being unplugged would be for nothing. I would just add another day at the end for just her. Hmmmm... that made her stop and think.

When her friend's mother picked her up, I'll admit that it was a little awkward for me to tell her that Sis wasn't allowed to watch TV or play video games. The mom actually got REALLY excited about it, and thought it was a GREAT idea. Whew! So, while she was gone, Bub helped me cook dinner (which he loved), then he, Don and I played about 10 rounds of Boggle (I rock, by the way).

When Sis got home, she taught us a game she and her friend played... it was called "Would you rather..." One person asks the group "Would you rather do x or y?" Of course, most of Bub's (and Don's) questions had to do with bodily functions, but it was a lot of fun! All in all, it was a FANTASTIC unplugged night!

I may not update our unplugged week every day (back to the irony), but I will give some updates on the ups and downs of our unplugged week. Once we're back plugged in, I'll also post pics of Sis as the flower girl in the wedding last weekend. At this point, I'll just say she was adorable! Until later...


Blessed Mama said...

It is kind of unfair that you get to access your computer at work, isn't it? Kind of like calling a family fast and sneaking off to McDonalds...j/k. I think it's great! As little as my kids are, it would be hard for them too. Big Sissy has just discovered computer games (one is installing at the moment).

chedger said...

Good job Darla. Kids need to learn to play outside. How interesting to me that we have to now see commercials about playing outside.

Granny2Five said...

Remember the "old days" when kids played dress up, and they weren't mimicking one of their TV idols? Those were the days when Mommy and Daddy were the heroes and kids spent hours playing house, school and church.