Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 3 Unplugged

Wednesday went GREAT as far as being unplugged. Like I mentioned before, our Young Families class already had planned to go to the Park that night. It was BEAUTIFUL weather, so a lot of the adults went running or walking while the kids played on the playground or went fishing at the pond. I showed up a little late (had to work late), so Bub was crying a little when I got there. He apparently thought it was a good idea to jump off a slide... the end result was NOT so great! His sister actually felt bad enough for him to give him a hug!

I guess that's one downside of not sitting on the couch all day watching TV... you might actually get hurt if you do something physical!!!

Before I went running with the other parents, I walked down to the pond to get some fishin' pictures as well. There was only one fishing rod in the whole bunch of kids, but that didn't stop those kids from feeling like they were fishing!

My kids tried their best to avoid me and my camera, but they eventually realized I was NOT going to go away until they stopped & looked cute for the camera...

They sure ARE cute!

Next post... all about our trip to the State Fair! Woo hoo!

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granny2five said...

Good for you! You've hardly missed technology at all. (At least, that's what you can tell the kids, in the hope that they'll believe you.)