Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Snippets

How was your weekend? Mine was great! I was finally out among the living (not sick anymore! THAT'S another post for another time!), so I had lots and lots of fun social time.

Friday night, Don and I went out to dinner with our friends T&J for T's birthday. I wore a new necklace AND I curled my hair! :) I'd say I was excited to get out!

Saturday was spent cleaning house, folding laundry, planting flowers, graduation parties, and THEN Don and I (see a theme? Two nights in a row, I had a semi-date with my hubby!) went to some MMA fights with some friends. Yup, the ultimate fighting. Gruesome and violent sport that it is... it's AWESOME! :) It was too dark at the fights for pictures, so I made Don take a self-portrait on my phone of us when we got home.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I had the privilege to not only be with my children, but to see both my grandmothers, and hang out with my mom (& the rest of my family), my grandma, and my mother-in-law all afternoon. I loved the day... lots of laughing and eating. Oh, and game playing. My niece, Little Sissy, decided that we should ALL play Duck, Duck, Goose... so we did... even my Grandma. I don't believe I've laughed that hard in a long time! :) I also downloaded a new app on my phone (Hipstamatic), so I played with it for some of these pictures...

My Sister, Elissa, and Sis...


My grandma, my mom, and the sisters

My dad and Little Sissy, my niece

My grandma and Little Buddy, sporting his new robe
My Bub
Another group shot...

Happy Mother's Day!


A Friendly Reader Only said...

Love the picture of you and Bub!! :}

LissaLou said...

I like that picture of me and sis! Is that one that you sent to me?