Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The many looks of Sis

So, as the end of the school year approached, I started going through the kids' paperwork that they brought home. Sis's paperwork consisted LESS of actual schoolwork and MORE of her artwork. I especially loved the 2 pages I found where she drew her (I'm assuming it's her) many looks. Here are her looks...

I highlighted a few of them: Here's her "normal look." Note her pose... she "normally" does that all the time. :)
And her Twilight looks... (which is especially funny to me, as I've not allowed her to read the books or watch the movies yet... yet she knows who the "players" are!) If I had to guess on Sis's real leanings, I'm guessing she's more in the Team Jacob camp. The Team Edward Sis looks mean and haughty, doesn't she? And the Team Jacob Sis looks approachable, friendly, and almost "normal."
This is the look that she likes to wear most often (in real life). In fact, she has those exact same knee socks! I'm guessing she feels SASSY when she wears them! And I've got to admit, she's also got the fingerless gloves.
I may have mentioned this before, but I have a REAL LOVE for making up words... apparently so does Sis! I love Casuality (not to be confused with Casualty... that look would be COMPLETELY different!).
The next two looks are looks that Sis would LOVE to have... if only she didn't have such a mean mom! I mean, can you believe that a 10-year-old's mom won't let her dye her hair black??? Although based on the "models'" expressions, I'm guessing that Punkified is more of a desired look than the Emo... just look at how sad the Emo looks (maybe her mean mom won't let her dye her hair blonde... maybe her secret desire is to be a bubbly cheerleader, and her mom just won't let her!).

This next look makes me fear for the future... it's a night out (or "nite out") and look who is flirting flirting flirting! She's finger waving AND winking! AND the sassy fedora seals the deal, doesn't it???
And for night time fashion, there's the PJ play version. Although she has cute PJ's and a cuddly stuffed animal, look how sad she looks. I have a couple of theories of why PJ Play Sis is so sad... One, she just doesn't feel tired! She's not READY for bed! Or two (the real reason, I'm surmising) is that Nite Out Sis is right next to her winking and finger-waving and making PJ Play Sis feel inferior and maybe a bit frumpy. That would just make any girl feel a little down, dontcha think?

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Blessed Mama said...

Oh my goodness. This is the most entertaining thing I've seen all day. The combination of her artwork and your commentaries are great fun. You should do a book together. I don't know if she learned anything this year, but at least she got some good drawing practice in! :)