Saturday, March 20, 2010

Texas Grub

Before we leave Texas, we decided we wanted to have some "real" Texas barbecue. So after asking around, we ended up at Rudy's B-B-Q. And boy was it good! It was quite an experience, too!

We started off in a long line, with a trough of bottled drinks on ice to choose from. Then a lot of people were yelling to take all the orders. Then we walked inside with all our grub to an old-fashioned feeling place.

They had their own barbecue "sause."

All of our food was put on these little crate-like trays. That paper wrapping the meat was our "plates.". (and "yes," I "get" that I'm using a "lot" of "quotes!")

We had the old fashioned checkered tablecloths, glass bottled root beers, and plenty of barbecue (brisket, baby back ribs & chicken!).

And the walls were all painted with people. This was the lady painted next to our table. Can you see her on curler in her hair?

And how 'bout this farmer guy with his big ol' belly?

So, the food itself was a bust with the kids (they didn't like the spices on the chicken), but we all enjoyed the fun Texas time!

- Darla

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LissaLou said...

I love Madison with the toothpick in her mouth in the one picture!! That sounds like an amazing place.