Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A story in pictures: Game Night

So, I had a game night last Friday night with my mom and my grandma (my mom's mom). All I can do is chuckle when I think back to knowing FOR SURE where I get my game-playing competitiveness! I may not be able to play sports, but I'll go down fighting in a good game of Rummikub!

I, of course, didn't bring my camera (I seem to forget I own one these days!), but I was going through my photos and I found photos from another game night that Don and I had at home with the kids. And even there, where my camera LIVES, I was apparently too lazy to go get my camera... I chose instead to stay on my bum and take blurry photos with my phone.

So, kids... let's play Jenga! You want to? No, it's boring!!! I'm tired of that game!!!

Well, why don't we just build a skyscraper with the blocks instead? OK!

Yo, Mom! Check out our building so far... and my gang sign!

Oooooo... it's getting taller!!!

I bet I can get my forehead thisclose to it without knocking it down!

And hey, does anyone want to play football around a skyscraper barely standing?

Whoa, dad! I don't know if we can get it any taller!

See our creation? We're taking a bow! (subtitle: let's see if we can swing our heads around without knocking it down!)

I don't know Bub... you might actually knock it down! Be careful!

OH NO!!!

Oh well... it was fun while it lasted.


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