Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Library Hour

The kids went to the library today for a special story/craft. The library is holding a contest (along with the rest of our state) for Kindergarteners through Third Graders to find out what their favorite books are. They are reading 20 books throughout the school year, then they'll vote. Today's story was about chickens. I've already forgotten the name of the book, but they made a chicken afterward as a craft.

Sis named hers Hen-ry (Get it??? "Hen"ry???).

Then there's Bub's Chicken. His name is Sir Clucks-a-lot.

I love with just a few scraps and imagination, the kids can have such a great time!


granny2five said...

Great fun!

Blessed Mama said...

OK, guys. There's the Thanksgiving craft--turkeys! :)

LissaLou said...

Great job, guys. So what books have you read so far?