Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011 Day 1

So, the term Snowpocalypse cracks me up.  But according to the really, really excited meteorologists, this winter storm we're experiencing is gonna be one for the history books.  We shall see...

In the meantime, I'm burrowed at home with my lovely family, watching the freezing rain fall heavily down.  This would be the freezing rain/sleet that shall occur before the blizzard takes place.  I feel a little like Laura Ingalls right now.  Minus the braids and bonnet.

Sorry, C.  No, I'm not!  :)

So, I'm considering yesterday to be the first day of Snowpocalypse, although it really wasn't too bad yesterday.  The kids had a full day of school yesterday, so I worked until it was time to pick them up (even though my boss told all of us to go on home).  That's not exactly true... I did leave early enough to stop at Walgreens to pick up a 5-in-one-box puzzle and Twizzlers... priorities, you know.

So, we headed home and I started on a new puzzle...

Not this one... I already finished this one last week.  Yes, my name is Darla, and I'm addicted to puzzles this winter.

Then I made a huge pot of black bean chili and some homemade chocolate chips.  Let's all have a moment to absorb the fact that I actually had the ingredients on hand to make the cookies.


So, here was my refrigerator drink shelf the night before...

But based on the whole homemade chocolate chip cookies, there's already a lot of that milk gone.  So, now we're on milk rations.  Except for me, because I don't drink milk anymore.  I'm on rations for the almond milk right next to it.  Yay for rations!

Finally, we took advantage of Netflix on our Wii and watched a not-so-great high school football movie that Bub really liked, Don kind of liked, I tolerated, and Sis completely disliked.

What I did like was all the cuddling during the movie.

No, he didn't have a shirt on...  it's difficult to wrestle all the sofa cushions when you're constricted by a shirt.  Right?

Hope you stay safe and warm/cozy during the snowpocalypse.  I'll update our exciting snowed-in life as I'm able (PLEASE, PLEASE stay on, power!!!).


dulce de leche said...

Sounds wonderful! Stay warm and safe! :)

Blessed Mama said...

Hey, that's not nice!