Thursday, February 4, 2010

Packaging Fail

So, um, Bub is a little like me in that he's REALLY REALLY excited to buy Christmas gifts for all his family members, but once Christmas hits, he kind of forgets that he actually bought anything (perhaps in the mad rush to open all of HIS GIFTS?). So, Don, Sis & I were blessed with some forgotten gifts from him earlier this week.

I got a lovely necklace (along with another "sapphire" necklace & earrings that he DID remember to give me on Christmas morning)...
But notice anything weird? The necklace says #1 Mom (I know the picture is blurry... just trust me)
But look at the packaging. #1 Sister???

Does this mean that Sis and I have to share the gift?

1 comment:

granny2five said...

Yep. You probably DO have to share. Just ask Sis. She'll tell you!