Thursday, February 11, 2010

My back is fine

So, today I had a really important meeting with some people I work with and someone from "the outside." They were all gathered in my office, and I left my desk to walk over to my little conference table to join them.

OG (Outside guest): So, do you have back problems?

Me (wondering if I took too long to stand up???): Um...

OG: Or is that a fashion statement of some kind?

Me: (realizing that he is not talking about how I'm walking, but about the fact I have a wide belt on) It's a fashion statement? (and yes, I did phrase it as a question... because apparently he didn't think it was!)

So, after we spent some time discussing the fact that he doesn't understand fashion (he said that... not me!) and had our meeting, I went and re-examined my outfit.

So, thoughts?

Is my belt akin to a neck brace for someone with whiplash?

Does anyone else think this is as funny as I do?

These are the questions that could very well keep me up tonight (especially the last one!).


Blessed Mama said...

Caroline still prays for your back every night since it was hurting a year and a half ago. :) I think to a man that would maybe look like a weight lifting belt. Only because, you know, he doesn't understand fashion. I think you are always quite the fashionista.

granny2five said...

You crack me up!