Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Say...

Let's say there are 10 people staying in one condo.

Let's say that the condo is PLENTY big enough for 10 people to vacation there comfortably.

Let's say that the condo complex has 2 indoor/outdoor pools, and even more indoor/outdoor hot tubs (see?)

Let's say, though, that the day in Paradise turns cloudy and even rains.

Let's say that the kids, then, can't go swimming because of said rain.

Let's even say that one of the oldest children was terrified of the rain/clouds/thunder.

Let's say that all of a sudden, the condo seems to get smaller with all the restless children.

Let's say that the moms happened to see a sheet of paper with all kinds of stuff for children to do in town.

Let's say that the very first thing on the list was a local children's museum that offered all kinds of hands-on stuff for kids to do.

Let's say the moms make record time in loading the kids up.

Let's say that once the moms/kids arrive, they discover it's not really a museum so much, but it's a DEFINITE hands-on kind of place.

Let's say that there are all kinds of stations.

Let's say that there was an art station that had glue, feathers, beads, markers, tape, colored paper, white paper, etc. that children could spend up to an hour at.

Let's say that there was a station with artificial snow to scoop up, put through funnels, load on little tractors.

Let's say there was a skeleton by the anatomy station that kind of freaked the kids out when one particular mom would make it wave to them.

Let's say that there was a VERY popular medical station that had a hospital bed, all kinds of children-sized crutches and canes, stethoscopes, and braces/casts that the kids could play pretend with.

Let's say that by this time, the sun was out, the rain had stopped, and not one kid even noticed.

Let's say the piece de resistance (did you know I was French? Or is that Spanish?) was the "lab."

Let's say with just a little water, a few colored tablets, some beakers, some pipettes, some measuring spoons and cups, some safety goggles, and a lot of test tubes, LOTS of experiments can be done.
Let's say the kids played in there so long that the moms had a chance to go over to a little sofa and visit (and be jealous of some other moms who thought to bring their own coffee!).

Let's say the rainy day was saved.

Let's say the kids begged to go back.

Let's say a good time was had by all.

I'd say!!!


granny2five said...

Great post!

Blessed Mama said...

That reminds me a little of the kids' area at the science center (the part we rarely go in b/c you have to pay). But it doesn't have the art station...perfect combination!

LissaLou said...

Glad it worked out for everyone. It seems like there was something for everyone.