Monday, January 14, 2013

Meal Plan - week of 1/13/13

So, I'm being lazy on my meal plan for this week.  We're leaving town on Friday and will be gone all next week, so I'm just using up what we have in our refrigerator.

For the family slumber party weekend, I made lasagna and The Pioneer Woman's spaghetti for lunch yesterday.  I came home with quite a bit of leftovers, so the plan is to eat up all the leftovers (no lasagna for me...  that has dairy in it, but I can have the spaghetti) until they're all gone.  Wednesday night we will have dinner at church again.  Then I will fill in the other nights we are out of leftovers with breakfast for dinner.  That will include most likely omelets/scrambled eggs/pancakes/waffles/basically whatever the family wants for "breakfast."

I will fill in each of these meals with the rest of our fresh vegetables from our co-op that we participate in.  So, I'd expect roasted cabbage one night, roasted cauliflower one night, and roasted eggplant another...

Have a great week!

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