Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Summer of Fun

So, I don't know about you, but sometimes things just don't go like I planned.  At all.

At that point, I can either:
1.  Cry
2.  Whine
3.  Pull up my big girl panties, and have joy anyway.  (I don't know where that saying comes from, but it fits.  ha ha.  It fits...  get it?)

So, I've decided to go with #3.

Thus, I've declared this The Summer of Fun (capital letters included).  So far, though, our fun seems to revolve mostly around food.  I'm going to have to change that a little before we all gain a ton of weight!

Day 1:
We had an ice cream party...

Day 2:

We bought a pop up camper!!!!  For those of you who know me well, this may will come as a big surprise!  I'm not really the outdoorsy type, but I agreed with Don that this would create great memories for us as a family.  When we were at the dealer to buy it, I had on a red drapey top, white dress pants, and VERY high red heels.  The guy laughed when I told him I wasn't very outdoorsy, and said he'd already figured that out!  Then we stopped at "Crackle Barrel" on our way home for a yummy dinner (see?  Food again!).

Day 3:

Already at Day 3, I was running out of ideas for fun.  Terrible, isn't it?  I was actually cooking dinner (*gasp!*) when some missionary friends who are getting ready to go back on the field called to see if we wanted to go to Red Robin with them.  Well, YES!  So, I put the salmon & veggies in the fridge and left.  (Day 3... food!).  The rest of them got frozen custard afterwards, while Miss "I'm allergic to Dairy" (me) got a soy vanilla latte from the 'Bucks.

I'm gonna guess that I can't sustain a HIGH level of fun each day (work/baseball games/tae kwon do), but I am going to do my best to have at least 15 minutes of concentrated fun for all of us each day.

Any fun ideas?  I'm looking for low-cost, creative thoughts.  (ie. board games, Rock Band competition, etc).


dulce de leche said...

My fun stuff tends to revolve around food, too, but we have had some awesome water balloon fights this weekend. :)

granny2five said...

Dar, we took S. to the Confluence Towers yesterday, and that was a nice outing. You could go to the Lewis & Clark Museum, the Confluence Towers, and the Locks & Dam Museum, then lunch at Gordon Moore (if it's not too hot) and have a great time without going too far.

Anonymous said...

The area bowling alleys are doing 2 free games per day per kid. You just have to sign up...and pay for shoe rental while there. We don't plan to go everyday but it will help Gma. You can purchase a family pass for the adults for $25 total. Up to 4 adults.

Blessed Mama said...

You could come hang out with the cousins across the river. We let Groupon dictate our outings--Aquaport, Magic House, Museum of Transportation. :) Wehrenberg also has free summer movies for kids. We've also had an ice cream party and are planning a watermelon party, so it's hard to get away from the food theme.

Bethany Patrice said...

the most fun we ever had as a family was when we did a family talent night...we shut off all the lights in the room, pointed a few hollagen lamps toward the center, got a few mics from the $ store, and got the video camera ready. I was hostess who interviewed each person before they went "on stage". We each preformed several "acts", and then we joined each other a did a few compilations. We gave out awards at the end of the night. It was a blast! The best part is that we planned a few days ahead, so the kids worked on their "talents' for a few days...The fun comes when you watch it back on the camera.

Darla said...

I love all these ideas!!! Thanks so much, all.