Monday, July 19, 2010

Just another week: Summertime week in review

So, how was your weekend/week?  Mine was a typical-ish summertime week.  So, I thought I'd review the week, so years later, I can remember what a typical-ish week was all about.

In an effort to make my life easier and/or cuter, I decided to get my hair cut into layers.  I was tired of the mom-looking growing-out triangle of hair sitting atop my head (not that there's anything wrong with being a mom... I love being a mom... I just don't always wanna LOOK like a mom!).  

So, yeah, I still think it was a good idea (as compared to cutting it all off again, which was what I almost did), but my hair takes a lot more work now (to be honest, my "before" style consisted of blow-drying my bangs straight, then letting the rest air-dry unless I had an early-morning meeting, so really ANYTHING would have been more work).  The one day I decided to let it go completely curly, I was less than thrilled with the final look.
I felt like it looked like a boyish-mulletlike do.  I wasn't loving it at all.  So, now I have to actually blow-dry it. Wahhhh... poor me!  :)

So, there's that.

Then, Bub decided that playing seventeen million sports a year wasn't enough...  he wanted to play football, too!  So, we made him give up fall soccer and he went to a football camp this last week every evening to make sure he loved football as much as he thought he would.  

The verdict is in... he LOVES it.  I'll be honest in that I was hoping he'd not like it...  no momma wants her boy hurt playing sports, right?  The first night, they had drills to assess the kids' skill levels, and Bub did the most push-ups out of the whole camp (as he says, "that includes even 6th graders!").  So, on the last HOT night, they had mock football games, and then gave out awards.  For his grade level, Bub got most push-ups AND fastest 20-yard sprint.  
You give him a sport he loves AND give him a couple awards?  There's no stopping him from playing now!

Friday night, Sis and Don's mom made us a lovely dinner and dessert.  I just sat back and listened to my mother-in-law give instructions and actually let Sis cook!  I am only likely to let the kids do small tasks while I'm cooking (because I figure I'll have to clean the mess...), so it was fun to listen to her actually get to DO the tasks.  And it was delicious!

On Saturday morning, Don and I got up super early (well, for me... on a Saturday!) and went bike-riding.  Ever since my adventure last weekend, I've decided that I want to get in better biking shape, because it's FUN!

Later that morning, we went to my parents' house for brunch.  ALL of us...  all my sisters and their families (all 2 of them), and all my brothers (well, there's just one).  It seems like it had been FOREVER since all of us had spent any time ALL together.

And we stayed and stayed and stayed... for 11 hours!  Talk about overstaying one's welcome!

Here are some shots of our day:
Little Buddy getting ready for work. (my nephew)
Big Sissy, ridin' 'em, Cowgirl!  (my niece)
Sis riding dual with Big Sissy.
All the grandkids (except Bub), having a pillow fight with Papa.

What a fun day!

Finally, on Sunday, after church, I crashed and napped for about 2.5 hours!!!!  Then I purged my closet (a little bit... I need to do it more!), then headed back to church, where my cousin, Z, stole my phone and did a self-portrait of us.
I didn't know it was gonna be an open-mouth pose...  I messed THAT all up!  :)

Then headed out for pizza with friends (except without pizza for me... still can't have dairy), then headed home with my family.

This week, we substitute football camp with Bub for Photoshop camp with Sis...  but we're planning on another fun, typical, summertime week!

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Lora said...

Sounds like a fun week! Like your new *do*:) I've been thinking of cutting mine...since it's been so hot I feel like I only wear it in a ponytail and I'm so tired of THAT. ha But I'll probably chicken out, I usually do. lol