Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's kinda like a treasure hunt!

So, since I am the primary photographer of the family (or "pitcher-taker," as I like to say), it's pretty rare for me to find photos on the camera to be downloaded that I didn't take.

But as I was downloading pictures from last weekend's state fair (more to follow on that another day!), I ran across some photos that Don took while he and Bub were at the Army Nationals Wrestling Tournament a while back.

This is the weekend that they camped out in a pup-tent, and then wrestled all day (and watched some of the bigger boys on the team wrestle as well)... a good old-fashioned testosterone-fest! Sis and I shopped, ate out at the Ol!ve Garden, and just acted really girly. Which wasn't really an act.
Here are some shots of boys being boys:

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